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Free Directory Submission Sites List | 2017

Are you looking for the free directory submission sites? Then this article surely helps you to find the best submission list that provides backlinks to your site. Directory submission is a powerful part of SEO because it helps to increase the backlinks rapidly. Your directory submission is approved when you submit in a suitable category with unique description, best title, and with proper meta keywords.

There is a higher chance of approval when your spelling,  grammar in the description is good. Use grammar checker tool to write the error free description.

Primary type of Directory Submission :

1) Paid or Featured Listing:

If you click for featured listing then you need to pay the certain amount to the site owner, amount depend upon the directory submission sites. When you opt for the paid listing then your submission will guarantee approval.

2) Regular Link with Reciprocal: 

If you click for Regular link with reciprocal that mean you have to provide them backlinks. They provide a code and you need to paste that code in your website.

3) Free or Regular Listing:

If you click for free listing, there is less chance or no guaranty for approval. Since many people list every day, it takes a lot of time for approval. If you are serious about the approval, then you have to read the guidelines of directory submission sites. Some submission is permanent and some are for particular periods as every directory has their own rules.

The below image make you clear about the Submission process:



Here is the free directory submission sites list. Check the link below to submit :