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Top 20 Article Submission Sites 2016

Submitting articles in the top article submission sites play a very important role in SEO. As many people don’t know the importance of Off page SEO. They simply focus on On page SEO and ignore Off page. But, ignoring Off page doesn’t make any sense because both On page and Off page SEO play a vital role to rank your website on top.

Role of article submission is very vital as submitting in the top sites provides a high quality backlinks to your websites. There are many sites where you can submit your article. But, be sure you are going to submit a unique and high quality article on top ranking article submission sites. Submission sites have their own rule and regulations for publishing an article that you must follow. Otherwise, you may have problem regarding quality of the article, spelling errors, word count, grammatical and , needed format, etc. If you don’t follow the guidelines, then, there may be the chance of not publishing the article. And your account may also be banned. So, be careful while submitting the article in any sites.

Also Don’t Forget to Check Other Off Page SEO Strategy too :

Important of Article Submission in SEO :

1)  Top article submission sites provide a quality backlinks, which help to rank your sites
2) Help to generate and increase the visitors
3) Article Submission helps to achieve the lifetime visitors
4) Help to increase the brand presence and value
5) Best content marketing strategic for blog, etc.

Top 20 High PR  And Do – Follow Article Submission Sites List  2016


Article Submission Sites

Page Rank Link Type
1 6 Do-Follow
2 5 Do-Follow
3 4 Do-Follow
4 5 Do-Follow
5 5 Do-Follow
6 4 Do-Follow
7 6 Do-Follow
8 4 D0-Follow
9 4 Do-Follow
10 4 Do-Follow
11 3 D0-Follow
12 4 Do-Follow
13 1 Do-Follow
14 2 Do-Follow
15 4 Do-Follow
16 3 Do-Follow
17 3 Do-Follow
18 6 Do-Follow
19 1 Do-Follow
20 7 D0-Follow


Above mention article submission sites provides a quality backlinks. If you are serious about the SEO than, you must also know about the SEO tips which make you understand more.

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